Long healing process ahead for Delta Hospice


We attended the last two AGMs for the Delta Hospice Society and even though we do not support MAiD being performed at Delta Hospice, we left the last meeting with no feeling of joy or being victorious.

We felt the display of cheering, booing at times and vigorous hand clapping was misspent and that those working for hospice, the many volunteers who give willingly of their time at both Delta Hospice and the charity shop and those serving on the Delta Hospice board, must have left very discouraged. This, potentially, could be a very long healing process to bring back peace and harmony at Delta Hospice Society, especially on the board.

I would encourage the Delta Hospice board to seek out an independent body of people to start the healing process as quickly as possible. This is a wonderful facility that we have in Delta and the board and staff must be brought back to a unified position of giving the best possible care in Delta and put all of these fractured issues behind them.

Rick and Carlene Lewall

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