LETTERS: Boundary Bay resident disgusted by what he found in his front yard


Over the years we, and many of our neighbours in Boundary Bay, have had to put up with visitors to the neighbourhood and the beach using our gardens and driveways as their private washrooms.

Generally we'll notice it after the fact when we discover a stream of urine running down our driveway. But on Monday (the day after a busy Sunday at Centennial Beach) I was totally stunned and disgusted, nearly to the point of nausea, when my dog discovered a pile of human excrement on the soil beside our drive.

I know for certain its origin is human because the wet-wipes that were also left there are not something typically used by dogs.

We live only 150 metres from the public washroom at Centennial Beach. Whoever it was that did it and anyone else that thinks that such gross behaviour is acceptable, please stay well away from us, from our families and from our neighbourhood; you are no better than pigs and are not welcome.

Peter Malim

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