Hospice president’s speech disrespectful to Delta residents


A few weeks ago I read an article written by Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer that referenced an online link to a speech that Angelina Ireland gave in Ohio on March 6 at a convention of the Christian-right group Bring America Back to Life. Her presentation appeared on the program as David versus Goliath? This Hospice Executive Director is taking on the Canadian Government: “Forcing a Hospice to Kill in Canada.” 

I found some of Ireland’s initial statements so upsetting it was hard for me to listen to her entire 40-minute speech. While I hold very different views from Ireland, I respect her right, as I do anyone, to have their own opinion.  What I find most disturbing is how she portrayed Canada and our citizens, particularly those of us who live in Delta, to her audience.

I encourage my Delta neighbours to go online and listen to what she said about us.  Based on what I feel are disrespectful and outrageous remarks, I’m appalled to think that she holds a position in our community that should reflect the values of all the people and not just a few like an exclusive club.

We all can strive to be better citizens but I’m proud to be a Canadian and thankful that I live in Delta with others that share respectful and inclusive values. It seems clear to me that Ireland is very unhappy living amongst us in Delta. Perhaps she would be happier living elsewhere.

Joyce Schmidt

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