Forget garbage cans and start writing parking tickets in Ladner


Re: Case of missing garbage can lid quickly closed, Jan. 23

I have to admit I was amused skimming through last week’s Crime Beat. I am not sure which appalled me more: That someone actually had the audacity to call police because their garbage can kid was missing or the fact it must have been such a slow day that police attended.

Good thing they solved this dramatic crime.

Perhaps their time could be better spent collaborating with bylaw officers writing parking tickets to the individuals that park trucks, campers and boats on our residential streets.

With the crippling congestion in Ladner driven by new developments I am not sure which is worse, increased traffic or the fact only a single car can drive down many of our streets because of the amount of cars parked.

How about the City of Delta starts to issue parking permits to mitigate this instead of just cashing property tax cheques from all of these new residences?

It might also be nice that those responsible attracting business to Ladner could find something other than sushi restaurants and burger joints at gas stations to satisfy our needs.

While there are more options as Tsawwassen Commons expands, the demographics in Ladner must certainly support more.

Glad I got this off my chest.

Kevin Davis

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