Drivers not even stopping at red lights anymore in Tsawwassen


Why are drivers choosing to ignore red lights now?

Six days ago, at 12th Avenue and 53A Street in Tsawwassen, east- and westbound traffic is stopped at a red when a westbound driver in the curb lane carries right on through. Why? There was no danger of a rear-end collision if this driver had stopped. Distracted? Conceited? Drugged? Stupid? Selfish?

Yesterday, 56th Street and 12th Avenue in Tsawwassen, stopped second in left-turn lane (facing north) when driver ahead makes a left turn onto 12th Avenue in spite of heavy traffic and in spite of having stopped for the red. Why? Distracted? Conceited? Drugged? Stupid? Selfish? Or lack of enforcement?

Red light cameras would have caught these so-called drivers.

Both intersections have marked crosswalks.

Greg J. Edwards


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