Delta police keep roads closed too long after crashes


Re: Icy roads blamed for crash that closed Hwy. 17, Jan. 16

I lived in Burnaby before moving to Tsawwassen 15 years ago. I’ve always used a car for work, shopping and entertainment, around Burnaby and Vancouver mostly, but also in the North Shore, Coquitlam and New Westminster.

At least from my experience, I can definitely say the Delta Police Department is much, much worse than any others when it comes to dealing with road accidents. They drove me nuts when I was driving to work on River Road, often with a cruiser blocking the road and a cop informing you that you can't drive through, sometimes with friendly advice how to get around, sometimes not.

Many times the only a way to get around was going back to Highway 99, then Highway 91, Nordel Way and back to River Road from the other side. The most frustrating part was that many times there was not a serious accident, just a bit of debris on the road.

In other municipalities the side of the road with less or with no debris would be open for alternate traffic, but not in Delta.

Then there’s the amount of time for the investigation. How long do you need to look at the scene and take measurements? How about photos to look at them later? Have some vehicle with a lift for a photographer to take photos from above. How about drone technology? The kids are using those.

I know it can be done. Just do it.

Ed Jaworski

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