Delta Hospice AGM not place to vent personal employment issues


My wife and I attended the AGM of the Delta Hospice Society last Thursday evening. In general, we felt the meeting was conducted in a controlled and orderly manner, even with occasional spirited outbursts from both sides on the MAiD issue, but well within the bounds we feel of our reputation as Canadians for not offending anyone.

What did irk us though was the decision of the outside lawyer chairing the meeting to invite three employees of the Delta Hospice to vent their personal employment issues concerning Nancy Macey, the previous executive director, even before the candidates could introduce themselves prior to a vote for a new board of directors.

This surprise wasn’t even on the agenda. What a sham and an abuse of process. The AGM is not a forum for employees to vent their personal dissatisfactions with their employer. There is a proper venue for this, it’s called Labour Relations. We feel this dog and pony show was nothing but a blatant attempt to prejudice the membership against the new candidates seeking election.

Given the results of the election, could it be that this shameless little charade backfired big time?

Mark and Grace Ruelle

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