Community looks forward to Neil Dubord's resignation


I'm disappointingly writing this to inquire what actions will be taken to allow citizens to feel safe in the hands of our protectors, the police.

Lorraine Dubord's actions and words are heard loud and clear. Her husband, Delta police Chief Neil Dubord, has made a conscious selection of his lifelong partner. If these values exist in Neil Dubord's home, then he has accepted them. How can we trust him to protect us? 

The police force has a higher power and motive to ensure that the people -- all people of any race, colour, gender -- feel safe. Major League Soccer is a great example of an organization that made a syft and appropriate decision releasing Aleksandar Katai due to his wife's misrepresentation of its beliefs.

We do not look to the MLS to protect us, however it nonetheless has shown that we can trust it. We need to see the Delta police do the same with Neil Dubord.

As a child, my family home was on Centennial Beach. As possibly the first family of colour in the neighborhood in the 1980s, we were embraced with open arms. Please do not allow a bad apple to rot the upbringing that allowed me, and many others, to believe that we are grateful to live in a community where we embrace diversity and treat each other with respect. 

The community looks forward to Neil Dubord's resignation. 

Justin Singh

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