Century also guilty of lack of respect


Re: Hodgins not sure about Town Centre plan after being disrespected by city hall, Nov. 25

Sean Hodgins is quoted as saying “the statements were very unacceptable and it was a complete lack of respect that was shown by the mayor in his comments.”

I would suggest that a “lack of respect” was recently shown by Century Group by attempting to slide in that oversized Four Winds beer factory and also showing it on the Southlands website as being approved. Century Group knew the Four Winds beer hall as proposed was in violation of the agreement but still went ahead. Not much respect being shown there.

There is a pattern here: first propose something you know will never be approved and then, when advised of this, amend the proposal as needed to get what you really want.

This is how the Southlands came to be. The earlier proposals were for 1,900 units but Century “settled” for 950 units and along the way amendments and variances have been made - all to benefit Century - not necessarily a bad thing but worth noting.

I have no doubt Southlands will be a nice community and I also have no doubt the Town Centre will ultimately be redeveloped by Century Group but please, let's not insult the intelligence of the residents of Tsawwassen by uttering such disingenuous nonsense.

We all know what’s going on here with both the Southlands and the Town Centre proposal so let's back off on the hyperbole please.

B. McKenna



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