Another parking option for Delta homeowners

Delta staff have come up with a proposed change to add more boulevard parking, allowing homeowners to pave their own spots.

An engineering department report to a council workshop last week notes public demand for on-street parking has increased over time, resulting in people parking on the boulevards where the roadway edge is not clearly defined with a curb.

It’s been a result of various factors including more vehicles per household, smaller lots with limited parking and secondary suites.

In many locations throughout Delta, residents on their own have already paved boulevards fronting their property to get additional parking.

Staff have previously provided options on permeable boulevard options, which were endorsed by council, and have now supplemented that with an additional option of a paved parking spot.

Delta residents who want to retrofit their boulevard will be required to submit an application, including information on the proposed work, and pay an application fee and deposit.

The improvements would be completed and maintained by the property owners

Also, the parking shall be parallel to the roadway and the space would be public and not exclusive to an individual homeowner.

Paved parking spaces would be for non-commercial passenger vehicles only, while commercial vehicles such as trailers, boats or recreation vehicles would not be permitted in the spaces.


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