Pet of the Week: Meet Willow!

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”  – Dean Koontz

A big puppy who loves hard and plays hard, Willow is the epitome of enthusiasm! She loves people and gets on well with other dogs. Because of her eagerness, she sometimes needs guidance to not overwhelm her doggy friends, but she is very submissive and respectful at the same time. She loves her toys, and will take them out, one by one, and have such a time! Give her a bone, and she will work on it until it's done. She is a pleasure to walk on leash, very food motivated and eager to learn. We don't think Willow needs a highly active family, but she will benefit from consistency and boundaries. She has a puppy mentality, so she hops around, always instigating play. Willow is literally just a pup in a full grown body. 

As with all PB & Chi dogs, she is spayed, up to date on all vaccines and microchipped. If you think Miss Willow is your girl, please email at

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