Minister's Minute: Looking Forward with Hope

Through the ages, there has been much talk about the “end times.”   

When you encounter the word “apocalypse” what thoughts and feelings come to mind? Most often the word evokes images of cataclysm and dread, of judgment, of pain and anguish— certainly not an event to be looked forward to. But if we examine the actual Greek word, the literal translation of "apocalypse" is “unveiling or revealing”.

During the season of Advent, Christians are called to focus attention on the unveiling or revealing of Christ. Do we prepare for the coming of Christ in the same way that we might prepare for the earthquake which is predicted to strike the west coast sometime between a few seconds from now and a thousand years from now?  No. We are truly prepared when we fix our hearts, souls, and minds, upon the promise of Christ—upon the hope found only in him, about the fulfilment of God’s promise through him.

 “Apocalypse” is not to be dreaded but embraced with hope. Christians around the world will begin the Advent season this Sunday by lighting the candle of hope on their Advent wreaths. As they do, they are invited to contemplate the full meaning of hope in Christ.   

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