Opinion: Sketchy dude caught touching these Burnaby car doors so wash up

Chris Campbell

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant changing a lot of habits for people, including me.

Like, I never realized how many times I touched my face until I tried to not touch my face.

It’s been a losing battle.

Masks have been easy, but washing my hands more than I did before is another exhausting thing to remember.

Here’s another reminder of why you need to be so vigilant.

I received a notice from a Chris B. in Burnaby – more specifically, the Burquitlam neighbourhood near North Road.

Chris spotted early in the morning a sketchy dude that was going all down his street trying all the handles on the vehicle doors.

Clearly, this is a thief looking to take advantage of someone who might have left out some spare change.

“What was concerning is that he was pulling on the door handle of every parked car,” he said. “I was able to scare him off by making my presence known. Given the current situation with COVID-19, the chances of the virus being spread to others by someone touching every door handle in an area is a concern. I have not seen any reporting done warning people of this kind of risk and given the number of older people living in my area of Burquitlam, I think reminding people to sanitize their door handles would be a good message to get out there on people’s radar.”

It’s a good point. We assume we’re the only ones touching our stuff, but sometimes it’s strangers.

So make sure to be careful by sanitizing your doors, wearing gloves and washing your hands.

Oh, and don’t touch our face. Or try not to.

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