Opinion: Jagmeet Singh hypocritical slamming Trudeau over election while campaigning in B.C.

It appears there won’t be a federal election right now as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minority Liberal government has survived a confidence vote.

The federal NDP, Greens and independent MPs sided with the government on a confidence vote.

I’m glad for that. I don’t think the nation needs an election right now.

Federal NDP Leader and Burnaby South MP Jagmeet Singh agrees as his party decided not to bring down the government.

But it’s Singh’s words today that are dripping with hypocrisy.

“COVID cases are rising,” Singh tweeted today. “People are worried about their jobs, children & loved ones in long term care. The PM is threatening an election because he doesn’t like a proposal for a committee? This shows how out-of-touch Liberals are. I'm focused on Canadians.”

These words are hypocritical because Singh has spent the past few weeks in B.C. doing relentless campaigning for the BC NDP in the final days of the provincial election.

Singh has been working his charm in a number of local ridings by supporting BC NDP candidates.

Singh seems to have no issue with the BC NDP calling a snap election.

Meanwhile, COVID cases are rising in B.C.

People in B.C. are also worried about their jobs, children and loved ones in long-term care.

Yeah, Singh’s trying to hedge by saying that Premier John Horgan was more open by actually calling an election, instead of Trudeau supposedly doing it by the back door.

But it’s the same message. It’s the wrong time for Trudeau to force an election, but A-OK for the BC NDP.

Sorry, but you can’t have it both way.

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