Letter: Burnaby bus stops should have WiFi, phone chargers


I am sick and tired of people complaining about our buses running empty in Burnaby.

Transit services are essential services

While ridership has declined as a result of COVID, this does not mean we do not need our buses and trains.

Burnaby had train and bus services for over 130 years.

The ridership per capita in Burnaby is second only to Vancouver.

By having more buses/trains in Burnaby on more routes we can increase the ridership.

If you want to complain about the noise and pollution of buses I can understand that; TransLink is at least 4 years behind other big cities in the electrification of buses which will cut the noise and pollution

The City of Burnaby is constructing more sidewalks and installing more bus shelters to help transit passengers. Yes, other amenities would be helpful like being able to charge your cell phone and have free Wi-Fi at bus stops and aboard buses/trains.

Ridership is not measured only at one or two locations, you have to find what is the daily ridership and on average how many people per bus hour or kilometre.

If someone does not want to see buses, then they should move to rural areas in B.C.

On the average, every household in Burnaby has one member who uses transit.

Nathan Davidowicz, Burnaby

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