A construction crew made a terrible decision to block this Burnaby bike lane

Chris Campbell

The City of Burnaby takes a lot of heat for its system of bike lanes.

Cyclists have messaged me repeatedly with criticism for poorly marked bike lanes, or areas that could really use protected bike lanes.

Some of the heat is unfair because the city is working on an expanded plan that simply takes time to implement. Other criticisms are right on the mark.

One issue that cropped up that seems like an easy fix. Cyclist Richard Campbell (no relation) tweeted the city about construction signs actually being placed in the middle of a bike lane on Lougheed Highway at Brentwood.

I drove by there on Sunday and, yep, there were big orange road signs placed right in the middle of the bike lanes – meaning cyclists would either have to hop their bikes up on the curb or go left into traffic.


Not exactly a great choice.

I don’t know why some person thought this was a good idea. Perhaps better training on cycling is needed so work crews will show better judgment. It’s not an easy situation because you can’t put the sign up on the sidewalk – making life difficult for pedestrians, especially those with mobility issues.

But there has to be a better solution than this. We’re trying to make a move into a more pedestrian and cycling-friendly culture. This is not the way to do it.

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