Watch this otter slide across the snow in Stanley Park (VIDEO)

While many Vancouverites begrudgingly faced the wintry weather this week, a few clever locals chose a unique mode of transportation in the city. However, they weren't the only resourceful residents in the city.

An otter was filmed enjoyed a snowy slide in Stanley Park this week after the city received a fresh dumping of snowfall.

Captured by Ryan Dahle, the first of three videos shows a playful mustelid frolicking and sliding across snowy terrain. In the next video, the critter hops around a bit before sliding around.

Finally, in the third video, the otter appears to pick up speed and quickly hop toward the water; it gets a few good slides in before diving into the lake. 

Since it was posted Jan. 15, the video has been liked over 230 times on Instagram.


Otterwalk 🦦

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