Opinion: This Burnaby goof pulled an insane U-turn right in front of police

Chris Campbell

Let me paint a picture for you.

You are out being a responsible driver in Burnaby when you suddenly see another driver pulling a reckless move that puts other people in danger.

You look around but, alas, there are no police in sight to catch them and so you have to just suck in off of that rage and get on with your day.

Well, here’s a happy story for you.

On Saturday, a reckless driver pulled two insane moves in their shiny sports car - only this time, there was a Burnaby RCMP traffic officer watching the entire thing.

This stupid driver decided to ignore the slushy road conditions by running a red light in front of this traffic officer, who set off in pursuit. The driver then compounded the problem by making a dangerous and illegal U-turn at a busy Burnaby intersection, according to a Burnaby RCMP tweet about the incident. (Police didn’t name the intersection.)

Talk about reckless.

This dangerous behaviour netted the drive two tickets totalling $267, but sadly they didn’t get their vehicle impounded.

That would have made the story perfect.

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