Opinion: No, Burnaby women are not being lured and kidnapped. It’s a hoax

Chris Campbell

I was eating at one of my favourite restaurants when the server – who knows I work for the NOW – asked me if I heard that Burnaby women were being lured, kidnapped and forced into the sex trade.

I had, actually, heard about this.

This crazy story has been spreading like a disgusting virus across Burnaby social media.

And it’s a hoax, a filthy hoax that the Burnaby RCMP have debunked with this statement: “We are aware of these social media posts and to date we are unable to locate a report or investigation related to the complaint being outlined in the posts,” read a police statement. “We would ask that if this has occurred to anyone in Burnaby that people contact us immediately but as of right now this appears to be a post that has unfortunately been shared on social media and caused unnecessary concern to Burnaby residents. We caution people to think twice, do some research and if they are concerned about whether this occurred or not to contact police before sharing these posts.The Burnaby RCMP is committed to public safety and would like to reassure the community, should we have received such reports an investigation would have been immediately launched and a warning issued to the public.”

burnaby hoax
This obvious hoax has been shared around Burnaby and beyond. It's a hoax. Screenshot

Just check out the screenshots from this hoax.

One shows some plastic ties attached to two vehicles. Another talks about $100 bills with ribbons attached to them.

The posts also talk about two women who went missing in Burnaby in the past few days. That is actually true, but the two women just walked away from a Burnaby mental health centre. At least one has been found safe.

I look at these posts and they are so obviously a hoax I’m embarrassed that grownups are sharing them to others.

People, take a minute and think about what you are sharing before you do it. Think about the harm you are doing by spreading this garbage.

Use your common sense. Be the adult you actually claim to be.

We’ll all be better for it.

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