Letter: Burnaby, New West should be consulted on North Road project's impact


It's beyond time to hear from Burnaby, Coquitlam and New Westminster about highrise development near North Road and Lougheed Highway.

There needs to be a meeting of these cities, with a reporter present, so we can better understand what in the world will all this development, and much more of the same to come, do to this area.

Lougheed is no longer a highway when it hits the traffic jam at the aforementioned intersection. What better time for city councillors to meet than the current meeting Union of BC Municipalities convention. I am sure that some even spend our tax dollars on hotel accommodations at the convention — yes, of course, to avoid traffic.

Sadly, I expect nary a word about traffic will be spoken. Developers have it all locked up and all we can do is sit in our cars for a third green light.

Brian Robinson, Coquitlam

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