New West's el Santo brings back brunch, new menu items

New Westminster’s el Santo is bringing back brunch and happy hour – complete with new menu items – starting today (Tuesday).
While the contemporary Mexican restaurant reopened for dinner service back in June, it remained closed during the day so that it could act as a temporary kitchen for the Lookout Housing and Health Society.

“It’s not just businesses that have had a hard time adapting to the pandemic, many non-profits are also finding it challenging to offer their preferred level of service,” said Alejandro Diaz, owner of el Santo. “We are happy to have been able to help the Lookout Housing and Health Society when they needed it and now are looking forward to welcoming guests back in for brunch and happy hour.”

el Santo offers brunch from Friday to Sunday between 11:30 am and 3 pm while happy hour takes place every weekday from 4 pm to 5:30 pm. New items on the brunch menu include:

  • Tortas ahogadas (bolillo bread filled with your choice of shortribs or potatoes along with avocado, onion and radish, drenched in salsa de árbol)
  • Quesadillas con huitlacoche (Homemade tortillas filled with Oaxaca cheese and huitlacoche – a delicacy commonly referred to as the Mexican truffle)
  • Molletes con alce (Sliced bolillo bread covered with white beans, seared elk, charred tomato and onion salsa and manchego cheese with a fried egg)
el Santo
Alejandro Diaz, owner of el Santo, in New Westminster. - File

el Santo’s partnership with the Lookout Housing and Health Society saw the restaurant make three meals a day for 91 residents of the society’s housing facilities in New Westminster.

Normally, the society would have made these meals in their on-site kitchen, but new physical distancing regulations forced it to close temporarily until it could adapt its space to meet the new requirements. el Santo was able to step in and act as a temporary kitchen until these upgrades were completed.

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