3 expert skincare tips for younger looking skin

While many new anti-aging regimes have been introduced recently, New Westminster-based physician Dr. Steven Blyth of Polo Health and Longevity Centre says that many of the old routines are still as good as ever and should not be ignored.

According to Dr. Blyth, here are 3 effective and easy tips to improve the health of your skin—and your overall health—as you age:

1.     Nutrition, exercise, water, sleep:  Maintaining a regular and comfortable sleeping schedule with a steady dose of exercise, water and healthy foods is still the best foundation for healthy skin and overall wellness.

2.    Stress reduction: “I work in the emergency department [in my days away from the clinic] and I can’t tell you how many people come in with headaches and dizziness, completely stressed-out,” said Dr. Blyth. “Most of us live in a very stressful environment so we need ways to reduce the stress on a regular basis. I recommend exercise and meditating in particular – both are a great way to release stress and optimize body function.

3.     Mineral and vitamin replenishments:  As we get older hormone deficiencies and imbalances are more likely, says Dr. Blyth. Coupled with a daily dose of stress and the lack of a regular, healthy regime, the effect on our overall health can be severe. Dr. Blyth says mineral and vitamin replenishments are a great quick option.

There are deficiencies that we test for at the clinic and optimize, in terms of body function,” he says. “In terms of the skin, thyroid, estrogen, and testosterone deficiencies—they can all affect the appearance of your skin, but on a greater level something like estrogen delivers leads to 400 different functions in the body—so it really is important that people take it seriously.”

Dr. Blyth makes a point of educating patients on the importance of a regular healthy regime.

“We’re a bit behind the U.S. in this regard,” he says. “We’re living longer now, so it’s become more and more important to optimize our health to improve our quality of life in the later years.”

For more information about Polo Health and Longevity Centre drop by their location at 711 Columbia St., New Westminster, visit their website, send an email or call Dr. Blyth directly at 604-544-7656. You can also find Polo Health and Longevity Centre on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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