Who came out on top in Burger Heaven's bun-official election poll?

Election in brief

The NDP swept to victory and three parties tied for second place in Burger Heaven’s bun-official poll for the 2020 provincial election.

The “hot off the grill” results show that the Horgan Burger (NDP) finished the campaign with 42% of decided voters. TheBolin Burger (Conservatives), the Furstenau Burger (Green), and the Wilkinson Burger (Liberal) all came in with  16%, while the bun-decided voters (or those supporting other parties) had 10% of the vote cast.

For those who didn’t vote by mail or during advanced voting, election day in B.C. is tomorrow – Saturday, Nov. 24.

Two of the provincial leaders - NDP leader John Horgan and Conservative leader Trevor Bolin - made stops at the local eatery during the election campaign.

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