Royal B.C. Museum to require proof of COVID-19 vaccine for entry

The Royal B.C. Museum says it’s prepared to offer refunds to its annual members and IMAX Victoria passholders who are not vaccinated, after making the decision to require proof of vaccination for entry to both venues.

While museums, like public libraries and art galleries, did not have to require patrons to show proof of vaccination for entry, the Royal B.C. Museum opted to do so.

In a statement, the museum noted that since the start of the pandemic, it has implemented health and safety measures to keep visitors to the museum and IMAX Victoria safe.

“As home to IMAX Victoria, as well as programs that gather 50 or more people, the Royal B.C. Museum will continue to ensure the safety of our visitors by requiring proof of vaccination,” it said, noting all museum staff and visitors 12 and over are also required to wear a mask.

As of Sept. 13, customers have been required to show proof of vaccination at B.C. restaurants, sports venues, theatres and other higher-risk social and recreational events. The vaccine-card requirement has been effect at the museum since Monday, and those who have not been vaccinated and hold annual museum passes and IMAX passes have been told they will receive refunds on request.

“The B.C. vaccine card allows us to maintain the activities that make life full and interesting, while keeping one another safe,” the museum’s statement said.

Those who want a refund because of the vaccine requirement are asked to contact the museum at

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