Letter: Use Kamloops arenas so seniors, others can socialize


This past summer, I have observed hundreds of people socializing in our many parks.

They are there because of COVID-19. They congregate in small, isolated groups and physically distance within those groups. They bring their chairs and visit at length. This outlet is especially important to seniors living alone.

One senior told me of her concern. What are these folks to do during the cooler weather in the coming seven months? Staying inside alone may be injurious to mental health.

Is it feasible for the city to open some of the five arenas for physicaly distant socializing?

Participants would be required, as they were in the summer, to provide their own seating, thereby minimizing the arenas’ sanitizing. They might even sign in for contact tracing. This would be a great opportunity for seniors to at least visit their families in person.

The city would sanitize common areas and provide heat to the buildings. Presumably due to the pandemic, some of our arenas’ normal winter activities will be suspended anyway. The cost would likely be far less than that attached to normal winter activities.

If the obstacles seem too great, will our council members be imaginative enough to find an alternate proposal and provide this valuable service to our citizens? I’m sure they will.

Steve Barnes


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