Reducing food waste one fruitpop at a time

By Natalie Cryderman, KFPC Social Enterprise Program Assistant

The “Pop“ in PopCycle refers to fruitpops and the “Cycle” refers to the second element of this social enterprise project: cycling. That’s right, we deliver our fruitpops to various events around the city using a good old-fashioned bicycle with the PopCycle freezer in tow. It isn’t hard to miss us on the road; just look for the PopCycle logo (see photo). In the long-term, PopCycle hopes to expand its customer base and potentially cater or sell its fruitpops to various retailers around Kamloops. Know of anyone who might be interested? Shoot us a message!

Since our production of fruitpops depends on the fruit received from the GAP, our fruitpop flavours are always changing. We are in the kitchen weekly, recipe-testing new flavours to satisfy your taste buds. Some PopCycle flavours include Apricot Vanilla, Cherry Chocolate, Apple Caramel, Juicy Plum, and Pear Cinnamon. One of the great things about making fruitpops is that the ingredient list is usually quite simple. Plus, we can experiment with a variety of flavours and rarely be disappointed with how they turn out. After all, how can you go wrong with fresh local fruit!

Keen to volunteer with PopCyle? We have volunteer opportunities ranging from processing freshly harvested fruit and making fruitpops to packaging the fruitpops for sale and selling them at events. If you’re interested in finding out more, email Natalie at natalie@ kamloopsfood or Greg at se@kamloopsfood

PopCycle will be popping up at various events throughout Kamloops during August, such as the Farmers’ Market every Saturday and the Pride Festival on August 25. To learn more about where you can find us this month, like and follow us on Instagram @kamloopsfoodpolicy or Facebook @KamloopsFood PolicyCouncil. For more information related to PopCycle and the Kamloops Food Policy Council, visit our website at kamloopsfood

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