Mind/Body Reset comes to Kamloops June 1

by Moneca Jantzen

Kamloops is being treated to a unique one day event entitled Mind/Body Reset on June 1st. This intriguing event is being spearheaded by film director Laurent Goldstein and his partner, Jennifer.

The day is anchored by two of Goldstein’s recent films, On A Scale of 1 to 10 and Your Second Fifty, but also includes a slate of expert panelists as well as a variety of local participants.

It is Goldstein’s hope to inspire.

“I have always had a passion for sharing the things that have inspired me. As I have advanced in my chronological age, I have felt more and more of a necessity to make a positive impact around the people I meet,” said Goldstein.

“A lot of people are struggling today. They might be unsatisfied with the way life has treated them or they may feel that life is passing by them and they are not fully participating. They may feel it is too late for them to live their passion. They may struggle financially or in their relationships. They may have resigned themselves to living with chronic pain and they may have been told their situation will never change. They may have been told that arthritic pain comes with age and nothing can be done, except trying to manage it by taking pills for the rest of their lives. It is for these people that we are putting this...on,” said Goldstein.

Kamloops strikes the director as an ideal venue given its burgeoning health and wellness community.

“The city has a vibrant health and wellness scene, with a street, Seymour, having chiropractic, naturopathic, massage, physiotherapy, counselling studios next to each other for 2 or 3 blocks. This is quite unique and indicative to me that the people living in Kamloops are open to complementary or alternative approaches to health. Finally, Kamloops is a hub for several communities ...and has not always gotten its fair share, compared to Kelowna,” said Goldstein.

On A Scale of 1 to 10 is a film that explores ways to overcome chronic pain and getting one’s power back.

“...(W)itnessing my mother and then my father deal with at times excruciating pain, along with my own experience and my partner’s journey with chronic pain, were all compelling reasons why to do the film.” said Goldstein.

As for Your Second Fifty—Rising Above Your Fears of Aging, it is a film based on the best-selling book of the same name by Frank Moffat and serves to blow up many of our assumptions about aging.

“Both our films are talking about subjects of interest to seniors: how to stay active and relevant, how to prevent or recover from chronic pain. Are our perceptions and beliefs around aging  a reality, or have they been imposed on us by our parents and grand parents, society or the medical community at large? Is it ever too late to engage in a passion or hobby? What is our purpose in life and how can we get the maximum enjoyment out of every single day?” explained Goldstein.

Beyond the films, there are five keynote speakers in attendance.

• Dr. Jeffrey Thomson, whose previous film “Heal” has screened twice in Kamloops to great success and sold-out audiences, brings a scientific component in challenging traditional medical models and exploring the latest discoveries in the vibration and sound healing areas.

• Brandy Gillmore, whose TedTalk has been an inspiration for tens of thousands people all over the world, has mastered the area of emotions and the role that they play in our lives, at a mental and physical plane. Brandy will demonstrate how people can get out of pain, by simply switching their emotions.

• Dr. Ara Elmajan trained in the art of trigger point injections and has spent 40 years helping people recover from chronic pain and is fascinated by “The Contributing Factors.”

• Jason Podollan, NHL alumni from Vernon, is inspiring men to become the father and husband they always dreamed they would be, and give people the tools to achieve it.

• Laurent Goldstein is the final keynote speaker and brings decades of experience in the field of health and wellness, along with the fact that he re-invented himself at age 55, after losing his business and realizing a lifelong dream of becoming a filmmaker.

There will also be a panel discussion after each film, with local experts.

Goldstein suggests there are three major things people will take away from Body/Mind Reset:

• How the mind and body interact with each other and how much of a role our emotional state plays in our lives.

• How to connect with our passions/hobbies, and rediscover our purpose in life.

• We are much more in control of our lives than we are led to believe.

“Yes, I do believe that this event will have to potential to positively affect peoples lives, assuming they are open and flexible to change and ultimately, I would like for people to have fun ... and meet some great people. The opportunity and tools will be there to achieve some profound transformations in their lives. Sometimes, all it takes, is to hear some information that deeply somehow resonates within ourselves and be inspired to take action,” said Goldstein.

Tickets are available at Nature’s Fare and online at eventbrite.ca. Don’t miss this chance to be inspired and potentially change your life.

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