Hot Nite in the City

By Jim Elliot

Summer storm dampens tires but not spirits at 21st annual Hot Nite in the City

On Aug. 8, 13 blocks of downtown Kamloops were adorned with everything from classic muscle cars to custom motorcycles and big-rigs. The 21st Annual Hot Nite in the City Show and Shine gave car enthusiasts from Kamloops and elsewhere a chance to show off their hard work in the restoration and maintenance of their vehicles.

A brief but intense rainstorm blew through downtown while the Show and Shine was winding down. Many Show and Shine participants and spectators, particularly those with open-top cars quickly exited Victoria street.

Among the car lovers who remained after the rainstorm hit was Wally Kloubek the owner of a 1974 Volkswagen Thing.

"I don't restore professionally...this is just a daily driver and a hobby," said Kloubek. According to Kloubek, the unusual looking Volkswagen appealed to him because of its rarity and its peculiar history —an adapted design of a Second World War German staff car.

Another noteworthy restored vehicle was the 1959 Chevrolet El Camino owned by Don Way of Chase. Way purchased the car partially restored and said that when he bought it, five donor vehicles had already gone into restoring the body. To get the El Camino show and shine ready, Way added a Chevrolet 350 Tri-power, a four-speed transmission and a completely digital set of dashboard instruments.

Better suited to the rain than its more polished counterparts was a Chevrolet Impala that had raced in several demolition derbies. Trevor Williams, who helped to build the badly battered Impala was standing by the car and happily chatting with onlookers about his role in putting the car together and the races it had been in.

"It's my landlord's car, but I helped put the engine in," said Williams.

Prizes were awarded to the show and shine entrants in over 40 categories. Some noteworthy winners were: Brad Pape's 2007 Porsche in the British/Euro/Asian category, Kevin Jones' 1931 Ford Model A in the Rat Rod category and Bob Nyeste's 1965 Cobra in the special interest category (pictured).

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