Summer is here: Adventure onwards with Discover Lillooet

The town of Lillooet is full of adventure. And what better time to explore a new area than when the sun is bright and you feel motivated to reconnect with nature?

Lillooet, the original “Mile 0” of the historic Cariboo Wagon Road, is a diverse area full of natural, historical and recreational activities. Surrounded by unspoiled mountains, lakes and valleys, you can find a different outdoor activity to do every day—bird-watching, hiking or camping are just the tip of the iceberg. Or, if you want to keep your adventures closer to town, visit the Fort Berens Winery, join a fishing tour or relax at Retasket Lodge.

If you’d rather enjoy the community environment, there are still so many options to choose from. The area is steeped in First Nations culture, having been inhabited for several thousand years and remaining a thriving centre of the St’at’imc (Lillooet Nation). Visitors can learn more about the First Nations history through a variety of cultural experiences—including traditional fishing methods.

Lillooet also has a rich history as one of the significant towns of the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush—and the locals are very proud of that past. Explore the gold rush reminders, including the Mile ‘0’ Cairn that marks the beginning of the old Cariboo Road, or try a gold-panning experience in the Cayoosh Creek. There also are more contemporary opportunities for recreation that you can enjoy, such as the Lillooet pool, ice rink, library or sport facilities.

If you find yourself smitten with the area’s outdoor adventures, the welcoming nature of the locals or the historical and cultural bounty, you may be interested in discovering how to relocate to the area. Lillooet is a thriving community with opportunities for anyone looking to move closer to this natural paradise.

You can start exploring what Lillooet has to offer with help from the Lillooet News. Uncover a new adventure or take a closer look at the town with Discover Lillooet, a curated list of the many different sides of Lillooet.

Get a taste of the best of Lillooet this summer—start your exploration with Discover Lillooet and find out where you fit into this vibrant community.

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