Kamloops is a perennial weather winner

Those who live in the Tournament Capital already know the weather is one of the many fringe benefits that come with calling Kamloops home.

And the favourable climate has not gone unnoticed by the folks at Environment Canada, which has drawn up what it calls Weather Winners.

Using 30 years of weather data for Canada’s 100 largest cities, Environment Canada has crunched the numbers, resulting in a plethora of fun facts.

For example, Kamloops is king of the summers, laying claim to having the hottest summer in the entire country with an average temperature of 26.94 C.

Kamloops is also the second‑driest city in Canada — receiving only 279 millimetres of precipitation.

Here are all the numbers that add up to a terrific Tournament Capital.


Hottest summer 1

Coldest winter 89

Coolest summer 100

Mildest winter 13

Coldest spring 99

Coldest year-round 90

Warmest year-round 11

Most freezing days 88

Fewest freezing days 13

Most hot days (30°C+) 1

Most cold days (<-20°C) 78

Most hot and cold days 38

Warmest spring 2

Warmest fall 29

Wettest city (rain/snow) 99

Driest city 2

Snowiest city 94

Lowest snowfall 7

Snowiest fall 78

Snowiest spring 96

Snowfall % of precip. 39

Rainiest city 98

Most wet days 98

Most very wet days 99

Most dry days 3

Most snow days 87

Fewest snow days 14

Most heavy snow days 92

Most huge snowfall days 86

Most freezing rain days 90

Most blowing snow days 86

Most thunderstorm days 72

Fewest thunderstorm days 29

Foggiest city (days) 99

Fewest fog days 2

Most smoke/haze days 66

Sunniest year-round 25

Least sunshine annually 76

Sunniest winter 85

Sunniest summer 20

Sunniest spring 26

Sunniest fall 22

Most sunny days annually 14

Fewest sunny days annually 87

Most sunny days/cold months 27

Most sunny days/warm months 2

Most heating degree-days 89

Most cooling degree-days 8

Most growing degree-days 3

Highest ave. pressure 15

Lowest ave. pressure 66

Greatest ave. pressure diff. 18

Most hours, low visibility 81

Clearest skies year-round 51

Cloudiest skies year-round 61

Most clear skies in summer 17

Windiest city year-round 73

Windiest winter 68

Windiest summer 72

Most windy days 53

Extreme wind chill 53

Most high wind chill days 64

Humidex days above 30° 24

Most humid summer city 71

Driest winter air 70

Driest summer air 12

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