Premier Horgan says Trudeau must acknowledge 'absolutely foolish' mistake

VICTORIA — British Columbia Premier John Horgan says he's done "stupid things" in his life but none that he would characterize as being culturally offensive.

Horgan offered some advice Thursday to Justin Trudeau after photos of the prime minister surfaced showing him wearing blackface and brownface on at least three occasions.

The premier says he was shocked to see the prime minister's images and hear his response to those photos.

Horgan says his advice to Trudeau would be to acknowledge that what he did was "absolutely foolish," especially considering that one of the events was in a school setting when Trudeau was a teacher.

However, he says he is not without fault either when it comes to stupidity and he is "very grateful" that he grew up in an era without Facebook.

The premier says people are an accumulation of all the things they've done and who they've met, both the good and the bad.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 19. 2019

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