SD48 Brief: Slight increase for top earners in the Sea to Sky School District

Supt. Lisa McCullough, who was recently awarded the Premier's Award for Education Excellence for District Leadership, was the highest earner in the school district again this year with a total compensation of $237,701 for the 2018/19 school year.

Total compensation includes salary, benefits and pension contributions.

The next highest earner was secretary-treasurer Mohammed Azim at $186,766, followed by assistant superintendent Paul Lorette at $182,810. Chris Nicholson, assistant superintendent, earned $178,874.

"Part of the process is ensuring the board is aware that nothing has changed, and as per the board approved compensation, everything is accordingly," Azim told the board at the Nov. 13 School District board meeting.

In 2017/2018, McCullough took home a total of $236,450. Azim, Lorrette and Nicholson were all new hires in 2018, so their take-home compensation was lower at $15,882, $170,165 and $45,978 respectively.

Total compensation paid to executive staff is required to be reported to the public sector employers' council secretariat annually.

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