Prespatou 4-H Club Report

Wow it sure has been warm these pass days. Hello My name is Jessica Wiebe. I am the reporter of the Prespatou 4-H Community Club. Our club communications are finished.

For the senior board, Haley Loewen placed first and Trevor Loewen placed second. For the juniorr boards we had Jackson Loewen placing first and Rachella Klassen placing second.

We only had two juniosr who did public speaking this year. In first was Sariya Wiebe and in second place was Ryan Loewen.

For the speak and shows we had one junior member and one senior member. Sydney Loewen placed first for the juniors, and Melissa Dick placed first for the seniors.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the two senior demonstrations: Lacey and Kaylee Wiebe placed second, and Jessica and Emily Wiebe finished in first.

Congratulations to these lucky members who have made it this far. The District communications are on March 6.

The beef members weighed there animals last Saturday, February 20. The animals are all looking good. The sheep members will be getting
there sheep at the end of March.

I hope you will have a good rest of your winter,
Jessica Wiebe - Prespatou 4H Club Reporter

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