Old Fort temporary re-entry maps and plan

The first boat load of Old Fort residents was scheduled to return to the community at noon on Monday.

Geologists have given the OK for residents to return home on a temporary basis to gather belongings and winterize their homes after a landslide forced an evacuation on Oct. 7.

The evacuation order affects 54 homes, and there are 14 homes to winterize, according to maps released by the Peace River Regional District.

Access is being granted to the eastern portion of the community on a priority basis by zone, and residents are being boated in from Taylor throughout the week.

Residents on the west and north sides of the slide will be given access by vehicle on Monday and Tuesday.

Each resident is allowed one suitcase, one carry-on, and one tote or box.

All evacuation orders and alerts remain in place, and the regional district has released the following information regarding re-entry into Old Fort:

"The Peace River Regional District is updating the temporary entry permit map for those residents who have homes located in the eastern portion of Old Fort.

Zones 1-8 are all east of the line shown on the map at the community meeting held on Sunday, October 14. These zones will be given priority for entry starting on Monday and moving through Tuesday (and Wednesday if needed). 

The next priority will be zones 9 and 10 on the east side of the landslide once our geotechnical team has deemed it safe to enter these zones.

For those entering the community starting today, residents will be transported by boat from the Taylor boat launch into the area beginning at 12 noon, Monday, October 15, 2018, in order to retrieve belongings. This service will continue until people have had the chance to go in, as long as it is safe to do so.

Residents in zones 11 and 12 on the west side and north side of the landslide will be provided access by vehicles on Monday and Tuesday for 2 hours only. Additional arrangements to winterize homes will be made in consultation with the property owners later in the week. 

On Sunday, October 14th the PRRD had a map displayed at the meeting and there was a list of addresses that were going to be allowed entry to retrieve personal belongings.

We apologize that there was an error on the map that was issued last night after the community meeting. The maps have been updated to reflect what was discussed at the meeting. Zones have been established within the area outlined in blue. Zones 1-8 are all east of the line shown on the map at the community meeting. Those zones will be given priority for entry starting on Monday and moving through Tuesday (and Wednesday if needed). The next priority will be zones 9 and 10 once our geotechnical team as deemed it safe to enter the zones.

The PRRD has engaged the services of R&R Rentals to manage the temporary re-entry to the Old Fort site beginning on Monday, October 15, 2018. R&R will be facilitating the re-entry in coordination with the PRRD Emergency Operations Centre in an organized and controlled manner. R&R’s first priority will be the safety of the residents and staff. They will aid in transporting residents to and from the Old Fort to remove personal items from their homes. Contractors will also be transported to the community to assist with winterizing homes.

Along with R&R, local contractor D. Bauer Mechanical Ltd. has been hired to provide assistance with the winterizing of homes. R&R and D. Bauer will enter homes ONLY at the request of the homeowner to provide winterizing services."

Old Fort entry zones, west. Peace River Regional District



9001 River Dr
9187 River Dr
9041 River Dr
9145 River Dr


9499 Old Fort Loop
6702 Old Fort Rd
9408 Old Fort Loop
9538 Old Fort Loop


9742 Old Fort Loop
9708 Old Fort Loop
9676 Old Fort Loop
9677 Old Fort Loop
9625 Old Fort Loop
9747 Old Fort Loop


8799 Old Fort Loop
6662 Trapper Rd
9007 Old Fort Loop
8955 Old Fort Loop
8931 Old Fort Loop


8600 River Dr
8711 Old Fort Loop
8720 Old Fort Loop
8719 River Dr
8683 Old Fort Loop


9341 Old Fort Loop
9215 Old Fort Loop
9063 Old Fort Loop
9129 Old Fort Loop
9033 Old Fort Loop


9486 River Dr
9416 River Dr
9405 River Dr
9420 River Dr
9325 River Dr
9299 River Dr
9473 River Dr


6719 Old Fort Rd
6726 Old Fort Rd
6737 Old Fort Rd
6748 Old Fort Rd
6736 Old Fort Rd


9596 River Dr
9754 River Dr
9641 River Dr
9813 River Dr
9681 River Dr
9820 River Dr


6751 Old Fort Rd
6975 Old Fort Rd


6867 Old Fort Rd
7583 Old Fort Rd
7587 Old Fort Rd


6786 265 Rd

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