Old Fort Road re-established through landslide debris

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has built a semi-permanent road that can support regular traffic and emergency response vehicles.

Landslides are complex, and there is potential that weather and seasonal changes could initiate movements. This may result in the need for enhanced maintenance and/or the potential for single lane traffic or road closures.

The ministry does have monitoring equipment in place to track any changes, as well as an operating protocol to ensure that they can respond appropriately depending on the severity of any movement.

Although the road is open to local traffic, it will remain a construction zone with reduced speed and load limits as crews continue to make improvements. Traffic control personnel will be onsite for the first week to help regulate traffic.

Drivers are reminded to obey signage and traffic control at all times and use caution as the road is narrow with curves, steep grades and limited visibility.

Drivers are advised of the following:

  • • The speed limit will be posted at 30 kilometres per hour, but reduced to 15 kilometres per hour around curves.
  • • Vehicle weight restrictions of 50% legal axle loads will remain in place.
  • • Single-lane alternating traffic or road closure may be required during extreme weather events or if road conditions deteriorate.

Residents are asked to report any signs of slide movement or incidents to Yellowhead Road and Bridge at 1-888-883-6688.

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