Old Fort landslide update - June 24, 2020

For a third-straight day, there is little new geotechnical information to report about the Old Fort landslide.

The landslide reactivated June 18, and at last report had moved at least 160 metres, and moving at least two metres per hour.

But GPS equipment stopped sending data Sunday morning, the Ministry of Transportation said on Monday. Officials were not immediately available for an update Wednesday afternoon.

"This is still too much movement for equipment to re-establish the road," the ministry said in a June 22 post to Facebook. "Our team is putting together long-term options for consideration, building on work from 2018."

Old Fort landslide, June 22, 2020. - BC Transportation and Infrastructure

An evacuation alert remains in effect, however, no order has officially been made. 

So far, 52 people have registered for emergency assistance, and the Peace River Regional District says it continues to plan for long-term service provision for residents.

The PRRD says a survey on June 20 helped it to understand immediate needs of residents, and will go into more depth to plan for long-term provision of transportation, water, and sewer services.

Resident Scott Campbell chose to evacuate the area due to work. He said he visited the site today and saw crews moving through the area to assess the slide.

The outlook remains uncertain, he said. As of now, there are preliminary plans for water taxi service from Taylor, and not through Site C, and to bring in water over top the slide, which he said was "absolutely ridiculous." 

He said the regional district isn't willing to allow residents to sit in on its meetings with the province, which has frustrated some. He hopes to see a community meeting organized this week.

Old Fort landslide, June 22, 2020. - BC Transportation and Infrastructure

Emergency support services will continue to be available until June 29, but only to those who have evacuated. If the road reopens during this time, services will be discontinued, the PRRD said.

Meanwhile, RCMP and BC Ambulance say response times may be delayed, and search and rescue will remove any patients to a safe staging area.

"Helicopter responses may be considered during daylight hours, weather permitting."

The Emergency Operations Centre highly recommends that any residents with health, medical or any other concerns self-evacuate and register for ESS.


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