Old Fort landslide geotechnical findings

The Peace River Regional District has released the following update:

"The geotechnical team found signs of movement on the slopes to the east of the large bedrock knob. These are related to the upslope movement on the active slide. No recent slope movement was noted up slope of most homes.

An aerial assessment of the quad trail on the eastern ridge on the east side of the ancient slide complex did not reveal any signs of recent slope movement. This also will be ground truthed on Thursday to confirm.

The geotechnical team spent a lot of time in the field discussing and critiquing various landslide initiation models and how the next phase of the investigation could move forward.

The geotechnical team also had a good look at the slopes above Old Fort Road on the east side of the active slide complex and could not see any significant signs of recent slope movement – this supports what the LiDAR data was saying.

The recent tension cracks on the slopes immediately east of the active slide complex have now started to turn downslope, before reaching these slopes. This means the lateral shear zone on this side of the slide may be developing. As such, the surface of the original Old Fort Slide does not appear to have been impacted (at this stage) by the recent slope movement."

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