Changes to Old Fort landslide evacuation orders and alerts

The Peace River Regional District has made a number of changes to evacuations alerts and orders regarding the Old Fort landslide.

An evacuation order for 9819 240 Road has been downgraded to an alert.

An evacuation alert for the following properties has been rescinded:

  • 7711 Old Fort Road
  • 7587 Old Fort Road
  • 9913 240 Road
  • 7131 265 Road
  • 7219 265 Road
  • 9808 240 Road
  • 9840 240 Road
  • 9860 240 Road
  • 9878 240 Road
  • 9914 240 Road
  • 9936 240 Road
  • 9940 240 Road

Most of the Old Fort community remains under an evacuation order. The evacuation order includes most of a gravel quarry at the head of the landslide on the hillside above Old Fort.

Geologists have said the ground beneath the landslide had been moving for months before it finally gave way in a massive collapse Sept. 30, pushing more than eight million cubic metres of earth down through a gully and destroying the only road access to Old Fort as the slide made its way to the Peace River.

More than 150 residents were forced to evacuate a week later on Oct. 7.

Westrek Geotechnical Services expects to deliver a report on its findings about the landslide this week. The report will be sent for peer and legal review before being returned to the regional district board for consideration.

The board will make the ultimate determination whether residents can return home. 

The regional district says it’s working with the ministry of transportation and infrastructure to ensure 24/7 operation of a semi-permanent road back into the community that can support residential traffic, emergency vehicles, school buses, and other service vehicles.

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