BC Hydro puts hold on north bank fish enhancements near Site C

BC Hydro has put a hold on plans for fish habitat mitigation works near the Old Fort landslide.

In a Nov. 13 letter to the Peace River Regional District, BC Hydro officials say work has yet to begin on north bank fish habitat enhancements below the slide.

“Given the recent instability in the area, BC Hydro will not be initiating any work in the area and has been evaluating alternative locations to meet our commitments with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans,” Shanna Mason, BC Hydro’s director of environment and regulation for Site C, wrote in the letter.

The Old Fort landslide at the end of September 2018 sent more than eight million cubic metres of earth and trees toward the Peace River, destroying one house, several utility lines, and the only road in and out of the community.

There was no significant movement recorded from the slide debris this summer, and movement during spring runoff was less than expected, the province has said.

“BC Hydro understands and respects the concerns of the PRRD and Old Fort residents regarding any works which could impact slope stability," Mason wrote in the letter.

"BC Hydro does not intend to undertake works in areas of stability concern and works within the Peace River mainstem near Old Fort are assessed by engineers to ensure there will be no interaction with the area of instability.”

Ongoing fish habitat works in a south bank channel of the river continues, Mason wrote.

The regional district and Old Fort residents will be briefed and updated before any work on the north bank is completed, Mason wrote.

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