Tasty music on tap tonight in Mile Zero

Nicola Davies and Sawyer Craig are bringing the living room, couch session vibe to the DCAG Sunday Sept 22. And serving up quite the musical buffet.

This dynamic duo have bonded over the years over a shared appreciation for the culinary arts. In that spirit, they have prepared an eclectic menu of their favourite English-language music. The program spans works by an incredible range of composers, from Benjamin Britten, to Harnick & Bock, to Canada's own David McIntyre. A feast for the ears. There's something for every palette on offer here: art song, cabaret, music theatre, and of course, operetta for dessert. Tasty! 

Think of them as your personal chefs, cooking up musical stories for you and your guests in what is sure to be a deliciously entertaining evening. Nom-nom.

Doors at 7pm. Few things bring people together more consistently than music, with the exception perhaps of a good meal. 


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