Two Spirit - what does it mean?

Native American and Canadian First Nation LGBTQ+ people of this land existed for many undocumented centuries.

People whose gender-identity, sexual orientation, and societal roles varied and were known as a two-spirit believed to have been gifted born with both male and female spirit. 

Two spirit people have been documented in approximately 155 nations in every region of the continent, taking wives or husbands of their own biological sex where same sex marriage was common. Many chiefs would choose to marry a two spirit person as it was thought to bring strength the their leadership.

Native communities acknowledged five gender roles including; male, female, two spirit female, two spirit male, and transgendered.  

Two spirit people were treated with great respect much like a shaman, healer, or teacher believed to be gifted by nature with insight and empathy.    

It was only until the influence and prejudices of western culture that introduced the foreign concept of homophobia tainting what had been a sacred tradition. 

Reality is two spirit people predate modern LGBTQ+ awareness by centuries. Throughout this time the two spirit people along with complex traditions have had a richer understanding of polymorphous human sexuality and gender expression than western societies have prior to the modernized gay rights movement.

Two spirit leaders continue to this day to undo the colonization and restore the two spirited people to their rightful place of respect and honor.

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