Regression session leads to understanding, happy thoughts

I recently was invited to experience a past life regression hypnotherapy session with Claudette Huber from Happy Thoughts on Main Metaphysical Center Inc.

I have never been hypnotized and this was a new experience. I went with an open mind, and a open heart with zero expectations.

I came out of the 2.5 hour session with a detailed unique personal understanding of myself and the “patterns” that seem to be reoccurring throughout the chapters in my life. 

Having this knowledge I was able to let go of past anger, grief and loss which I was stubbornly holding onto and had crystal clarity insight other issues. 

It is extremely hard to explain in words what this experience did for me with Claudette, if you are even a bit interested in what she can offer I guarantee you from my experience that you will not be disappointed. 

Hypnotherapy dates back as far as recorded history allows. It was practised all over the world known under different names with numerous types of hypnosis. 

The Egyptians utilized the healing method of ‘incubation’ or ‘temple sleep’ having special healing powers during an enlightened state.

Modern day hypnotherapy practitioners have pioneered the acceptance of hypnosis in both the medical field and in the general populations.

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