5G technology announced for Dawson Creek

Rogers Communications today announced it is expanding its 5G service - and Mile Zero is in the mix.

"As we continue to bring 5G to life, not only are we expanding to even more communities, we’re nurturing the right partnerships to bolster Canada’s 5G ecosystem and deliver the technology that will drive economic prosperity in our country and distinguish us globally,” said Jorge Fernandes, Chief Technology Officer with Rogers. 

“Our partnership with the Future of Cities collaborative is part of our work to bring together researchers, businesses, start-ups and government to build made-in-Canada solutions and infrastructure to future-proof our cities to thrive in the digital age.”

Today the company also announced its participation in Communitech’s Future of Cities collaborative to develop 5G smart city solutions of the future. Smart cities are poised to change the way we live and work, contributing to the future efficiency and prosperity of our communities. 5G will play a critical role in enabling advanced applications such as traffic management for collision prevention, drone delivery, or energy efficient smart buildings. This brings together members of government, industry and academia to develop 5G smart city solutions for the cities of Waterloo and Brampton. 

This is part of their multi-year partnership with Communitech to support the advancement of 5G innovation in Canada. 


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