New movie starts filming in PG in May

The next in the series of movies shot in Prince George will begin production in May.

The latest film is called The Way to the Heart that follows the first film by Barker Street Cinema called A Great North Christmas which was filmed in the Prince George area earlier this year.

More productions are planned for the future that will continue to showcase the Prince George area as ideal for location shoots.

Pre-production starts May 3 and the movie will be filmed until mid June.

The Way to the Heart is a light-hearted romantic comedy set in a farmers' market and a classic car rally in a northern town.

Norm Coyneof Barker Street Cinema will produce the film with filmmaker Wendy Ord as director.

Ord was recently awarded the 2020 Canadian Screen Award for Best Documentary Program for To the Worlds.  

Many local residents who worked on the first film will be able to gain more experience with the next project.

Local community partners Tom and Nada Newell will not only executive produce the movie but also participate by way of facilitating the use of their 1926 Cadillac as a key component of the story line. The film is dedicated to Nada’s father Franjo Ledic who was a prominent filmmaker in German cinema during the 1920s.

"We are thrilled to be on board to support production of The Way to the Heart," Tom Newell said. “My wife Nada’s family legacy is in the motion picture industry and it is truly special for us to play a role in bringing this story to Prince George."

Locations for the movie will include business store fronts, homes, lakes and farm locations around Prince George.

“There is undeniable momentum now for film production in Prince George,” Coyne said. "This film is very much the next phase of leveling the city and our capacity up. It’s electrifying.”

Former Prince George Film Commissioner Sara Shaak of Anamorphic Media, and Shayne Putzlocher from Trilight Entertainment are partners on the film. Anamorphic/Trilight have previously worked on multiple projects together including Girl, and their latest release Blood on the Crown with Harvey Keitel and Malcolm McDowell, which will be released next month in Canada.