Reservation system works


Re: “BC Ferries mulls reservation system changes for Route 3,” Feb. 5.

I believe the existing reservation system is quite optimal. It accommodates tourists and locals, early planned and last minute travel, quite well.

I disagree with removing reservations entirely, as everyone could face a one or two sailing wait during peak times, and could miss critical appointments.

I disagree with a 100 per cent reservation system. This would be a cash cow for BC Ferries. It would eliminate the NDP fare rollback. Locals and tourists who do not know their plans in advance would be unable to access or leave the Coast for months at a time during peak periods, and certainly not at opportune times, as they compete for diminishing available reservations. The elderly and non-computer savvy would be frozen out of the Coast travel market. During non-peak travel times, with available deck space, will someone without a reservation be turned away?

Most people who require medical treatment off-Coast can arrive early to board a required sailing. Others with extreme situations who arrive at least a half hour in advance of scheduled sailings with proper pink slips, and prior to a “full-sailing,” could be put in the handicap line, and board early; otherwise, last minute, and those without pink slips, would rightfully be considered as queue jumping. Ambulance travel already has priority boarding. Dire situations can Helijet direct from Sechelt Hospital to Vancouver Hospital.

Colin MacLean, Roberts Creek

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