Real estate team uses technology to its advantage

As a part of the Josh Statham Home Team, realtor Bill Bailey is one of the pioneers behind the technologically-savvy real estate group. Both Bill and Josh were established Powell River realtors before they formed the team, which enabled them to pool resources and experience to create one of the most sought-after real estate groups in the area.

“After all,” Bill said, “two heads are better than one.”

In today’s globalized market, over 80 percent of buyers from all over the world are shopping online. Realizing that many out-of-town buyers may not have the luxury to visit Powell River to see their dream home in person, Bill and Josh, alongside their tech-expert Dustin Villaneuve, decided to bring the homes to them.

The virtual tours and three-dimensional imaging, which have become indicative of Bailey and Statham’s business model, allow all buyers to virtually walk through every room of the home, regardless of where they are in the world. With the virtual tour, clients can look closely at all aspects of the home and gain a much better understanding of the layout, updates, and general condition. In addition to the professional photography and video content, produced by Villaneuve, a bird’s eye, dollhouse view gives clients a ‘big picture’ view of the home from all angles.

Catering to the transforming industry, the Josh Statham Home Team gives its clients the exclusive ‘home team’ advantage. More than their technologically-savvy approach, both Bill and Josh are able to give buyers an intimate and unique sense of the community; they are both Powell River locals and have been there for decades. “We are very committed to offering the best real estate sales in our marketplace,” Bailey added, “we wouldn’t do anything less but the best for our clients.”

To learn more about Bill Bailey and the Josh Statham Home Team, go to, call 604-223-0811, or email You can also find Bill Bailey Real Estate on Facebook and Instagram.

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