Powell River Peak Home & Garden Stars

Along with our workplace, our homes are where we spend the majority of our time. So it’s no surprise that Canadians dedicate so much time, effort and money to making their residences beautiful, and functional, as possible.

Here in Powell River, there are an array of options when it comes to hiring a home and garden professional, or to sourcing the materials for a DIY job.

Where do you start? Friends and family members can offer helpful advice but to take your research a step further, consider consulting an online guide.

Looking at the community we serve, the Powell River Peak has done the groundwork to create a list of the together home and garden businesses in the area. The Powell River Peak Home & Garden Reno Stars directory can be found here: https://powellriver.starlocal.ca/home-garden/

If you are located in Powell River and you need to hire a contractor or purchase supplies for your home and garden improvement project, whether it’s installing new flooring, excavating, installing a security or electrical system, or decorating a home, we have got you covered.


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