Bored by endless criticism

To the Editor,

In common with many of your readers, I am bored to read endless criticism of our Mayor Peter Busse and his council.

According to ex-mayor Marg Lampman, they can do nothing right! This in face of the fact that the voters in Lillooet decided that Marg Lampman’s term of office was a disaster for our town and we the people, voted her out of office.

If local taxpayers remember, it was Lampman who plunged our town into debt for an outrageously expensive new water system. Nor did her predecessor, Christ’l Roschard, publicly raise the alarm when our public transportation link to the Coast was sold off and dismantled by the Gordon Campbell provincial government! 

So. Let's keep the record straight, shall we?

And bless the present mayor and council for their efforts to remedy the mess they inherited.

Most sincerely,

Joanne Drake


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