SD46 board sticks with chair and vice

One year into their term, School District No.46 trustees opted to maintain the status quo by voting to keep Pammila Ruth as chair of the Board of Education, with Stacia Leech acclaimed as vice chair.

Trustee Amanda Amaral was nominated for the role of chair by Tonya Ste. Marie, while Leech nominated Ruth.

Following the vote, held at the end of a Nov. 13 board meeting, Ruth thanked Amaral for putting her name in before addressing the board. “Democracy. Fun. I love it. It’s very exciting, so thank you all for your confidence once again and I will do my best.”

For the role of vice chair, MariaHampvent nominated Sue Girard but she declined and nominated Leech instead, who accepted. Then Haines nominated Amaral, who also declined, leaving Leech with the acclamation.

Haines then nominated Amaral for the position of BC Public School Employers’ Association representative, which she declined. That role then went to Hampvent by acclamation, after she was nominated by Ste. Marie.

Hampvent then nominated Ste. Marie for the role of BC School Trustee Association provincial council representative, and Leech nominated Haines. Haines was elected for the role.

“Thank you, everyone, for putting your names forward, for accepting and just as a whole for being there and I look forward to the next year of working together and working as a team,” said Ruth.

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