‘S’ad day for Sechelt



Feb. 5, 2020 was a big ‘S’ad day for the residents and businesses of Sechelt. It will be known as the big ‘S’ hit the fan day thanks to the mayor and two council members with no graphics imagination. This dreadful piece of graphic art should be mounted on the expensive and incomplete white elephant on Surf Circle where it would appropriately depict what they are trying to treat there.

Congratulations to these three elected officials who voted for this giant step backwards and suggest that it will help staff to move in the same direction. It is an embarrassing waste of taxpayers’ money and will never be implemented for the amount of money quoted in this paper. Why do these elected officials, who enjoy wasting taxpayers’ money, not concentrate on the big ‘W’ that stands for water which they were elected for? The residents and businesses of Sechelt require water and not an ugly logo. Please put our tax dollars to better use and drop spending our money on this waste.

Brian Hulme, Sechelt

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